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Meet our Ambassador: Kimberly Jeffries

If you’re fond of the underwater world, you may have heard her name or have seen her spectacular photos of the famous Deep Blue (the world’s biggest great white shark), schooling hammerheads, manta rays, dolphins, marlins - you name it.

Starting from snorkeling during winter vacations with her family, her obsession grew to the point where she found herself swimming right next to the world’s biggest great white shark ever documented and snapped a photo of it. Her breathtaking photos led to several awards including National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year in 2017. She also hosted a show on Nat Geo Wild's SharkFest.

As a freedive instructor, scuba instructor, underwater photographer, and other titles bound with marine life, Kim has been aware of how aquatic ecosystems matter and how we should all take part in preserving them. Sharing the same perspective and values, KAANI invited Kim to join a journey to a more balanced world as our first Brand Ambassador.


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